Friday, 15 February 2019


This year for reading there's a website for Reading it’s called epic.

You can read many books and it can read to you and you can watch videos it recommends books for you, but you don’t need to read them. But you can choose your book to read from the website if you want.

year 6 camp

My favourite activity was sailing because you get to steer the boat and hold the sail ropes.

On the last day at camp we went on to the rocks and I picked up crabs. Crabs like this.
It was that big!
The talent show was really fun. Me and Sanjay did failing Knuckle bones.

We played spot light in the park and I saw a possum hiding in a tree. Me and my friends decided not to hide by the possum.


Puzzle piece

This week in room 5 we did a puzzle piece. where we need to write our name and colour it. We had to decorate it and draw pictures about us. We stuck all of the class’s pieces on the window it was really fun.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

New Zealand Huia

Huias are native birds of New Zealand. Huias come from the North Island in New Zealand. They are scared birds. They are extinct birds from New Zealand.
Look like
They have long beaks to eat adult insects, grubs and spiders they are a black bird and the end of it’s tale is white. Some can be white. A Huia Can get up to 45cm but female huias can be bigger.
Their habitat is in the North Island in new zealand.

Huias are extinct in the 1907 because of its beauty. Some was killed from glass cases. A huia is a New Zealand native bird that last confirmed sighting of a huia was in 1907. It was all ready a rare bird before the arrival of Europeans.


For R.E this week we were doing making room for Christ in Christmas. We drew and wrote how we can make room for Christ in Christmas. My ideas were helping people in need, give food to the poor, make a shelter for people in need, pray to God, celebrating the Eucharist.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

doing a blog

Doing a blog
Doing a blog can be so easy some days but other days really hard. I have 38 posts so far. You need to do certain amount of post each term and every week you need 2 Posts. I really like having a blog because other people can read and know about your work we do in class time. The Year 5’s and 6’s have a blog so the year 4, 3, 2 and 1 have a class blog but they don’t have an individual blog each..

Monday, 10 December 2018


For our passport we had to do a lot of fun activities and get two hundred points by the end of term 4. The activities are fun but some can be hard. You need to choose at least one activity from each category along the side and your teacher can deduct points off you and give you bonus points if needed. I am up to 90 points so far this term.